Ladies Nights

Level 1:

Our Ladies Nights are designed to establish an environment that is fun and educational for ladies of all skill levels. Our Ladies Level 1 program will help beginners understand the basics of playing golf and what to do to get yourself ready for your first round of golf. Signing up for a class will get you 4×1 hour sessions. Within these 4 lessons you will have two lessons on ball-striking, 1 lesson on chipping, and 1 on putting. Your instructor is also there to help answer any questions about purchasing golf clubs, booking tee times and any other concerns you may have. Since this is a beginners program, students will be doing drills and activities together each class to build skills. Personalized drills and information during lessons is better suited for Ladies Night Level 2.

Ladies Level 2

Ready to take your game to the next level? Here’s how you do it. Whereas the beginner programs teach how to swing, this program focuses on helping students understand their swing and the golf swing in general, as well as information that will help them optimize their performance. This program will also have a maximum of four students to allow more one-on-one time between teacher and student. This course will give ladies a straightforward understanding of how the swing works, create a better understanding of their tendencies, and help them apply this knowledge to recognize swing habits, minimize tendencies, and improve their games.



This program is not for beginners. Past golf experience is required, including playing full rounds. You must meet at least 1 of the requirements listed below:



– have played multiple full rounds (not just hitting at a driving range)

– ability to hit the ball in the air on most swings

– completion of Ladies Night Level 1 and approval from Level 1 Instructor



Students will be asked to write in during or after their registration what they expect/hope to learn and get out of the program so the instructor can prepare accordingly.

Ladies Playing Nights

Come out for a quick 9 and socialize with the guidance of one of our PGA professionals. Playing the game is a lot different than the driving range. This is an opportunity to pick a pro’s brain on how to manage your game, shot selection and tips to improve your scoring on the golf course. 


After your round, hang out at our patio and enjoy our bistro!

“This is a great course for beginner golfers! Nice short holes. Did not feel rushed at all. ”

Colleen B.