Club Fittings

Golf Club Fitting

Thanks to our Partnership with Callaway Golf, LGA is excited to offer Driver and Iron fittings to help improve your golf game. 

We already know golf can be a hard game. So why make it harder? Having the right set of clubs fit and tailored to your golf swing will help you get the most out of your game. 

Please contact us to find out when our next Callaway Club Fitting Day is and what times are available. With hundreds of shaft and head options and a Trackman to dial in your numbers, you will receive a Tour Level fit just like the pros!

"I have only played about 20 rounds in my life. In the past, I spent lots of time at the range trying to improve. No matter how many books I read or hours upon hours of instruction on YouTube, I could never stop slicing the ball. The ball was flying further, higher and straight like never before. Will definitely be booking more lessons. I will be telling all my friends and colleagues how amazing they are." Thanks Tyler!!! Best money I ever spent on the game of golf!!"